Mozuro is Launching….

Mozuro is ready to Launch.
We have done our research in the industry and we have realized that it is not easy for Apprentices to find jobs after they finish their school/program. Some schools/programs have direct access to local dealers to help the students start their apprentice positions. If that relationship does not exist then the student starts submitting their resume to dealerships in their area. Dealerships use  Applicant Tracking System software (ATS) and search resumes for keywords that are related to the position they are hiring for. Students don’t get a chance to show their skills or share projects that they have worked on before they even get a phone call. Mozuro profiles help students create a profile that they can share with employers so that the employer can see photos of projects they have done. Apprentices can keep their Mozuro profile updated throughout their career.

To celebrate the launch of Mozuro, we are giving away 10 – $50 Snap-On gift cards to 10 random people that create a Mozuro profile. The 10 random gift card winners will be announced by email the first week of October. Mozuro will also be giving away a Snap-On gift card in the amount of $250 to the school/program that has the most Mozuro profiles created.

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