Do Cover Letters Still Matter? (part2)

Critical components of a cover letter Heading with all of your contact information. The salutation (e.g., “Dear Mr. Smith,”). Try to find the name of the recruiter or hiring manager. An attention-grabbing opening paragraph (i.e., The Hook). What makes you unique and valuable? Explain why you are motivated to join their company. What do you […]

Do Cover Letters Still Matter? (part1)

Yes, 74% of recruiters claim that they still read them. ResumeLab surveyed 200 recruiters, HR specialists, and hiring managers to find out what they think about cover letters. The results are fascinating! 83% claimed that a great cover letter could secure you an interview even if your resume isn’t good enough. 77% of recruiters will give […]

Don’t Let a Promotion affect Your Career

How could a promotion ruin your career? Isn’t that what everyone wants in return? Yes and no. Many people think that they want a promotion, but then things start to feel wrong: They feel overwhelmed with Impostor Syndrome. They feel like they’ve fallen prey to the Peter Principle. They feel like they are barely hanging on by their fingertips. These are […]