Dealing with Technician Job Search fatigue

Even Technicians who love their jobs will tire of them at some point. The spark disappears and it could take days, weeks or months for it to reappear — if it ever does. Obviously, the risk of fatigue is even higher for job seekers, who usually aren’t happy about looking for work.

Job search fatigue can be a much bigger career stumbling block, however. A person who tires of their job may be in a proverbial rut, but a person who succumbs to job search fatigue will likely end up looking for work for a much longer amount of time. The lengthening of a job search from fatigue can be due to several factors, including taking days or weeks off from your routine.

Search fatigue can set in after searching for work for a long time or after just a few weeks. It’s common for anyone to take a day off from looking for work here and there, but it becomes a problem when the break turns into several days or weeks.

You should also keep in mind that even the most introverted people need social interaction from time to time. Yet, many job seekers cut off communication with their connections because they are embarrassed about being unemployed or looking for work. 

You need some organizational strategies so you don’t take a day off every day. Setting a regular schedule for a job search tends to be the best solution. For example, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. ‘I will search and apply for at least one job.’ When you’re done, take a breaks and journal the positions you applied for so you can keep track and prevent double applications for the same position.

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