National Apprentice Week 2020

It’s National Apprentice week and what better way to celebrate than by going over some of the most important aspects of getting an apprenticeship?  The current unemployment rate currently is at one of the highest points it has been in the past few years, but essential workers are finding it perfectly comfortable to be working in the current economy.  If you are a young person currently trying to decide on a career path, check out our reasons why an apprenticeship might be right for you:

  1. You will get a head start on your career.

How many different internships and entry level jobs have you had to work simply to jump around to a completely different career path?  The job market is not as straightforward as it used to be where someone out of college could work at the same company for 40+ years working their way up and retiring with a pension.  However, apprentices start their careers as young as 17 years old and the positions that are attained from it more than usual come with retirement benefits.  

  1. You will earn a salary you deserve

In other lines of work unpaid internships are becoming more and more normal.  As an apprentice, you will sign an employment contract for a specific time with an employer.  This can be as long as four years depending on the type of program you are part of.  It is common that salaries will increase yearly as you work your way up and learn more valuable skills.  So instead of paying to learn, you are earning while learning.

  1. You will consistently learn valuable job skills

The best kind of learning is on the job learning and that’s exactly what an apprenticeship will give you.  Great programs will provide workplace training that will allow you to harness your newly acquired skills, similar to learning a language.  Practice makes perfect and this practice will all you to take these skills to further advance your career.

  1. You will be introduced to new opportunities

After an apprenticeship you can stick with what you have learned or pursue a future in another technical field.  All the programs across the USA have connections and networking can be your best friend in these regards.  You may stumble across another technical field you never thought of and you will have all the tools at your disposal to pursue those interests!

During National Apprentice Week the US Department of Labor is hosting numerous events across the country for you to further explore these programs.  Check them out at the US Department of Labor’s website:

To see apprenticeships near you today go to and search in your local area.  Mozuro is leading the way with the goal of becoming the largest job search engine for apprentices to help jump start your career!

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